Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Great Meeting

Our meeting last night with the new and old board members was really good.  We talked about the accomplishments of the year and identified things that didn't get completed.  We talked about what it means to work together.  We discussed the next steps in our development of a new vision statement.  Someone suggested I needed to preach a sermon series on it.  As I was wondering when I could do that, I realized that I've already chosen "Follow Me" as the theme for Lent.  That will be a great opportunity to reflect on where Christ is leading us and what it means to follow. 

This morning I had conversations with a several people about some possibilities for expanding our ministry.  Two people who had said something could not be done are now excited about doing it and talking about how to make it work.  The Holy Spirit is definitely at work in our midst.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love serving with this congregation? 

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