Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

As we scrambled to get things done today (and decided the newsletter would have to wait) I realized that least week we spent a great deal of time preparing 3 very different services for Sunday-- and all of them were cancelled. 

Administrative Assistant and her family are still without power.  As are many others in the congregation.  They are now worried about the pipes freezing.  Patience is wearing thin.  Treasurer and his wife found a motel where power had just been restored and decided to stay there.  By the time they got back with their clothes, half the power was out.  They were still allowed to stay, but were told they could have either electricity or heat in their room, but not both.  They chose electricity, as the room was still warm.  By the time they showered this morning, it was pretty cold.  Another couple ordered a generator from amazon (there aren't any available locally) and had it shipped overnight. 

The families with children are having a hard time.  The kids don't understand what is going on, and they want to be home in their own beds for Christmas, but with temperatures in the homes down to the 30's, it just isn't possible.  They worry about Santa finding them. 

Attendance at the Christmas Eve service was interesting.  In many families, one person stayed home to nurse the generator.  We had more visitors than members, many coming from churches where Christmas Eve worship was cancelled due to lack of heat.  The service went well, despite my worries that it wouldn't flow well or would be too long. 

After the service and all the conversations, Daughter and I loaded up the car to come home.  The car refused to start.  AA's husband brought me home.  He's very knowledgeable about cars, and his son is an automotive engineer.  The two of them tried unsuccessfully to get it going, and are stumped about what the problem might be.  I'll deal with it Thursday. 

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