Friday, December 13, 2013


Last Friday Daughter insisted that she didn't want to do any more outings.  She wanted to stay at the workshop and work so she could earn more money.  She wanted that written into her plan for the coming year.  I suggested that she should keep her options open, and there might be outings she wanted to do.  She insisted she wouldn't change her mind and wasn't interested in any more outings.  We finally decided that there would be the option of attending outings.  I warned them that once she made up her mind, she couldn't be allowed to change it.  If she said she didn't want to go on the outings one week, she needed to live by that decision, not change her mind at the last minute and be allowed to go.

This morning she called me.  She told me she'd made a mistake, and should have signed up for today's activity.  I told her she had to live by the decision she'd made earlier in the week.  She was not happy, but she didn't go on the outing.  (I don't know if she asked to go or not.) 

In one week's time, both of my prediction have turned out to be accurate.  She is so predictable....

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