Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Seven Miles

When we lived in Tiny Village, I regularly drove 10 miles to get to the store-- or almost any place I needed to be.  After just 3 years here in Capital, I am spoiled.  I need some things from a store that is 7 miles away, and it just seems too far to go....  I am going to head over there this afternoon, since this is the one day I don't have an evening commitment. 

Administrative Assistant is out of town, and the office has been very quiet without her.  I've had a few people come by today, including the activities director at the local nursing home.  I lead worship there once a month, and the number of people attending worship has been shrinking.  Last time there were two people.  I'm supposed to go again on December 22.  I don't mind doing it, but I'm questioning the expenditure of time and energy for such a small group.  I shared my concerns with her.  She had lots of excuses, but finally decided that she would issue special invitations and move the service from an out of the way conference room to the main living room for Dec. 22.  We'll see if that helps. 

Daughter had an appointment with Psychiatrist yesterday.  There was agreement that she is doing well.  I had finally remembered that fall is always hard for her due to anniversary events.  Psychiatrist agreed with my theory, which was nice.  Daughter is in a good place right now, and I hope it will last.  

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