Thursday, December 26, 2013


This morning I called a member, and he and his dad came and picked us up and took us to the church on their way to check on his dad's house to see if the electricity was back on.  I called emergency road service from the church, and the tow truck was there in less than 30 minutes. 

We dropped the car off, and then walked home, stopping for lunch along the way at the new Mediterranean restaurant.  Daughter was complaining about how she didn't know what to order, so I ordered for her.  She didn't stop complaining until she took the first bite.  Then she was too busy eating to complain. 

We walked about a mile to get home on interesting sidewalks.  We have another 3 inches of snow on top of the previous snow and ice.  I had another 3 members offer to take us back to get the car.  The news on the car was really good-- it only needed a battery, and the whole thing cost less than $155.  The better news is that Daughter has been super cooperative today.  I'm enjoying our time together. 

I'm doing some cooking tonight, as we will be heading to Sister's tomorrow for Christmas.  I'm looking forward to it. 

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