Monday, December 30, 2013

Restaurant Food

Eating at a restaurant is challenging.  I need to calculate Daughter's carbs, and figure out what I can eat with my various sensitivities.  Fortunately, there is pretty good information out there about carb content on food that I can pull up on my android.  The food sensitivities are a little more challenging, though a growing number of restaurants have allergen menus.  Of course, some of them have separate lists of suggestions for each allergen, so if you have multiple food sensitivities, it can be challenging to try to sort through the various lists to find something that is safe.

Daughter doesn't like the choices I set before her at restaurants.  I allow her to have a few extra carbs (which we cover with extra insulin) at restaurants, but I do limit her.  Yesterday we went to a wing place.  She wanted the boneless breaded chicken.  I told her that that was higher in carbs, so she wouldn't be able to have fries with that.  If she went with the traditional wings, she could have some fries.  I also explained that the sauce she chose would impact that, too, and suggested some of the lower carb sauces.  She was in a contrary mood.  She moved onto the chicken wraps, and I dutifully looked them up.  Once again, she had choices to make.  The wraps were a little above what she should have carb wise for lunch, but I told her that she could have one if she skipped the fries.  She finally made a choice, and fries weren't part of it (she didn't want any of the other side dish options).  When her meal came, she pouted.  The huge wrap wouldn't fill her up.  Eventually, she ate it all.  She tried to convince me she was still hungry when she finished, but by the time we got home, she'd forgotten her complaints. 

She told me that she has an outing coming up to a restaurant.  She wanted me to help her figure out what she could eat.  I instructed her to go to the restaurant website and figure it out.  I'm taking a perverse pleasure in watching her argue with the restaurant website.  She has actually been considering steamed broccoli as a substitute for fries.  Maybe she'll be more appreciative of me in the future. 

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