Monday, November 3, 2008

The Psychiatrist's Nurse

This morning, as promised, I called the psychiatrist's office and spoke with the Nurse. I explained my concerns regarding Daughter's anxiety, and what she had reported to me regarding the voices. I told her that I didn't necessarily believe that Daughter was reporting accurately, but I did know that she was experiencing a great deal of anxiety and was hurting. I told her I could bring Daughter in for an appointment if necessary, and told her the adjustments Psychiatrist had made at her last appointment to address the anxiety issues.

Nurse promised to talk to Psychiatrist and get back with me. She called back in less than an hour. "I haven't talked to Psychiatrist. I was writing all of this up, and there's so much going on she needs to be seen." Fortunately, she didn't ask me to bring her into the crisis center. Instead, she listed off the appointments that are available tomorrow. I took the 12:45 slot. It takes an hour to get to Psychiatrist, so this will totally mess up my day. I scheduled it so I would be able to go into the office for a while, at least, in the morning.

One thing I appreciate about Psychiatrist is she is conservative with the medication. She knew Daughter was experiencing a great deal of anxiety at her last appointment. Rather than increasing or adding medication, she tweaked the timing of it. That helped, but it hasn't been enough. It will be interesting to see what adjustments she makes tomorrow. I hope that whatever she does will give Daughter some relief from the anxiety.

Interestingly, Daughter moved back to her own bed last night. This morning she reported that she had a very difficult time falling asleep, but once she did, she was much more comfortable. She reported that her hip has gotten very sore from sleeping on my bedroom floor.


Torina said...

I hope you are able to figure something out to make your daughter more comfortable and less anxious! Does she have a sound machine? My daughter has a hard time sleeping, too, and this helps a little. Good luck at your appointment!

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks. Daughter has a lullaby CD that helps sometimes. I think she tried it before she started camping in my room, but I'm not sure.... I'm not good at remembering the details of her various crises, which is probably for the best!