Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good News and Bad News in the Office

The good news is that Secretary and I had a very productive morning. It was one of those rare days when no one dropped by the office, so we were able to work undisturbed. We mailed out about 40 letters and notes today, the majority of them were from 2 different mail merges, but over 12 were hand written notes. We also got work done on the newsletter and the bulletin.

Secretary was having obvious problems with her vision, and said that it had gotten really bad lately. After watching her try to read things, I told her she needed to get to a doctor right away. Instead of arguing, she got into the optometrist this afternoon. She then called to inform me that she was on her way to Very Big City for emergency surgery for a detached retina. I called and started the prayer chain for her. She didn't think prayers were necessary, but I did. I'm not sure what her recovery will be like, but I'm certainly glad we accomplished as much as we did today.

I suspect that I'll be dealing with printing the bulletin and newsletter on my own on Thursday, and I don't know if she'll be ready to help out with the youth Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday. I came home this afternoon and finished writing newsletter articles. As always, spacing was a challenge, but I think I got everything in and the newsletter is ready to be printed. I hope no one else decides they want to give me another article or thank you....

One of the saints has already called and offered to make the items Secretary was going to make for the dinner Sunday. Now if I could just convince someone to come help me fold, staple, label, sort, etc. on Thursday.

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