Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Sensor

The Sensor on our computers is working.  I am convinced that church office equipment has built in sensors that know when we are especially busy, and choose those times to cause trouble. 

Administrative Assistant and her computer were at war today.  It made my problems seem minor.  She was creating a flyer on a half sheet of paper.  I wrote the text and sent it to her with the usual instruction, "Fix it and make it look pretty."  She pulled in a graphic, adjusted spacing, and sent it to the printer.  It printed one side of the half sheet perfectly.  The other side only had the graphic.  She checked print preview,  and it was fine there.  She tried every trick the two of us could come up with, including opening a new document and cutting and pasting the side that would print twice.  She tried printing it on a different printer.  She tried printing the correct side twice on the same sheet.  It would still only show the graphic for the second side.  Eventually she surrendered, stating that she would just cut and paste the old fashioned way and use that to create copies. 

Fortunately, we're in pretty good shape going into Holy Week.  I will probably regret putting that in writing, but for right now I'm going to enjoy this feeling of confidence.

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