Monday, March 4, 2013

Grrr #2

I just had a long email from Nurse.  She was at the workshop today and saw Daughter sleeping in an office. She thought there was a problem with her diabetes, but after talking to Daughter discovered she's stressed about the upcoming move.  Daughter told her the staff at the new house don't speak good English and she can't understand them.  She's concerned this is a big issue and we need to address it. 

I wrote a long response saying that when we as Daughter why she's stressed, she has to come up with reasons.  The reasons may or may not be real concerns, but when they are real, they are usually minor.  She doesn't do well with transitions.  This is a long, drawn out transition.  She needs reassurance, not us blowing up each concern she raises into a big problem.  She called me at lunch time today, seeking reassurance, and I was with a member and couldn't talk.  When she couldn't talk to me, the emotions overwhelmed her and she fell asleep. 

Stay calm.  Listen and reassure her.  Remind her of other transitions she's successfully navigated.  This could be a very long month....

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