Saturday, March 16, 2013


Daughter called me yesterday evening.  She has a patch that is supposed to be changed once a week.  The house doesn't change it on schedule.  I complained some time back and asked them to please put the date on the patch when they change it.  They thought that was a good idea, and agreed to do it.  Yeah right.  The new home was concerned about the poor record keeping and uncertainty as to how long it had been since the patch was changed.  I told them that was why she was moving. 

As if that wasn't bad enough, they forgot to pack insulin for Daughter.  She called me sobbing, telling me she was stupid.  I informed her it was the responsibility of staff to assure she had the meds she needed.  The house was bringing her insulin, but she was upset, as her she had her supper in front of her and couldn't eat until she got insulin. 

I will be so glad when she is moved and settled into the new place.  I will be able to relax, knowing that her medications are being administered properly and double checked. 

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