Sunday, March 17, 2013


Today was a busy Sunday.  Prayer class, worship, annual meeting, fellowship meal, and then at 3:00, nursing home worship.  Daughter wanted to stay for the nursing home worship.  I told her that was fine, but we'd be at the church, because I didn't want her in my house.  She said, "I thought we were over and done with that."  I told her I'd forgiven her, but I didn't trust her.  I pointed out that she doesn't like it when she finds out someone has been in her room at her house.  She was being stubborn and refusing to see the connection. 

I was tired by the time I dropped her off at her house this afternoon.  I was part way home when she called, demanding I turn around and come back to the house.


"Staff came in and stripped my bed!" 

"So remake it."

"I didn't strip it!"

"You don't like that someone was in your room while you were gone?  Did they steal $160 from you?"


I chuckled as I drove the rest of the way home....

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