Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holy Week 2

Back when I was in seminary, there was one Easter I wasn't serving a church.  A friend and I went to a sunrise service, hoping to then spend the rest of the day studying.  Except when we got there, the sermon wasn't about the discovery of the empty tomb.  We went back to campus, disappointed and feeling strangely empty.  So we decided to go to another worship service.  Same thing.  It took us Easter services to hear a sermon on the discovery of the empty tomb and what Easter means.  I've always remembered that. 

I have now planned well over 30 Easter services (many years I've had to plan two-- sunrise and regular service).  I am careful to focus on the Easter story each year.  But I also feel the need to find a new perspective, a new twist on it each year.  I get bored if I don't.  As a result, I find myself spending a great deal of time on the Easter sermon.  Of course, I also have Maundy Thursday and Good Friday to prepare, too.  I managed to get most of Maundy Thursday done last week.  Good Friday is a community service, so I only have to worry about a very short meditation on one of the seven last words. 

So I agonize over the Easter sermon.  I have the hook, I know the direction, and I worry and tweak and rearrange.  I look forward to Easter all year, and it will be a wonderful day.  First, though, I have some more perfecting to do on the sermon. 

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