Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Ever Changing Appointment and Spring

I received a call this morning from Daughter's doctor's office.  Her doctor is home sick the rest of the week, so they needed to reschedule her appointment.  For those of you who are counting, this appointment has now been changed 3 times.  When I talked to them last week, there were no openings until April 30.  Today there was one at 3:30 on Tuesday.  That happens to be Daughter's birthday, so I'll take her out for a birthday dinner after the appointment. 

It means I don't have to drag her to the clergy planning breakfast with me on Thursday this week.  It means I don't have to have her here two nights during the week.  Of course, she's less than thrilled.  I'll be glad when we make it through this physical.

One of our men came over to check on a problem with our elevator.  On his way in, he cleared a path to the front door.  He came into the office and announced, "Today's the last time we'll have to shovel snow.  Spring starts tomorrow."  I hope he's right.  I did see a robin in the tree outside the office.  He looked a little cold as snow swirled around him.  It's been an interesting winter.  The majority of our snow came late, which made the winter seem very long. 

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