Saturday, March 9, 2013


Daughter helped me do some work in the basement today.  I had never put everything away after the craft show at the church in November.  So today, I did.  I also decided to finish several sewing projects.  I had several pairs of Daughter's jeans that were too big for her.  I had put elastic in the back, but when I tried to stitch them up, I broke the needle on my sewing machine.  I bought some heavy duty needles for denim, and lost them.  So when I got to the jeans in my cleaning, we went to the store and I bought heavy duty needles.  So today I finished the modification on Daughter's jeans.  I also hemmed two pairs of slacks that have been hanging in my closet for over a year. 

Daughter sorted beads for me.  She also swept, without being asked.  Not only did she sweep my craft area, she swept the stairs and the storage area.  I was impressed.  It is still an unfinished basement, but it's a little more inviting than it was.  I'm still planning to paint the concrete walls, and I'm pondering the possibility of painting the ceiling silver/gray so it blends with the duct work. 

While we were out, we stopped to get a pizza for lunch.  There was a woman sitting there who recognized me  She's a neighbor, and she wanted to talk.  She's an older woman, and has a 16 year old boy living with her.  He's a relative, and he's not doing well.  She doesn't know what to do.  I sat and talked to her for a few minutes while Daughter waited in the car.  It's such a sad story-- I suggested she call protective services and seek help for him.   As frustrated as I get with the system, this boy needs help, and she has no standing to get it at this point.  The school told her the only way was to get protective services involved.  She was worried the boy's mother would be mad at her.  I told her she needed to advocate or the boy at this point.  It was a sad story.  I'll be praying for them both. 

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