Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christ is risen!

We have had a wonderful Easter.  I got more sleep last night than I think I've ever gotten on an Easter, which was really nice.  There was a good crowd in church this morning, and lots of kids for the children's sermon.  I asked for a brave volunteer, and then wrapped a towel around her neck and told her I was going to give her an egg shampoo, because egg is very good for your hair.  Of course the eggs had been blown out, but the kids and the congregation loved it.  We then talked about how the women were even more surprised to find the tomb empty that first Easter morning.  I talked about moving the knowledge of Easter from our heads to our hearts.  One of the women told me after worship that I was helping her move Easter from her head to her heart. 

Sister and Short Niece joined us for Easter dinner, and it has been a pleasant afternoon.  Daughter is stressing about the move tomorrow.  Interestingly, what she is most concerned about is the safety of the women who are staying at the current house.  That's a very sad commentary on the way things are going there.  There are 6 men lined up to help with the move-- so it won't take any time.   She has a twin bed, dresser, hutch, desk, chair, keyboard, and some boxes.  The church owns a trailer, which they will use for the move.

I hope everyone has had a blessed Easter. 

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