Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Angry Call

Daughter called me this evening, furious.  She had seen Case Manager, and Case Manager had asked her about the money she took from me.  She was very unhappy that I had told Case Manager about the theft.  I didn't have a lot of sympathy.  I told her it was her own doing.  She ended up hanging up on me.   It didn't bother me at all. 

I'm glad Case Manager confronted her about it.  She needs to understand that actions have consequences. 


Anonymous said...

maybe you nheed to sets some rules"

don't call me when"

you are angry
you want to be rude
you don't get your way
you are lying about a person or situation
you are demanding something from me
you need a punching bag

call me when"
you are happy
you are lonesome
you are wanting pleasant talks
you do not hang up on me

Reverend Mom said...

I could, but I'd rather she call me, because I call her on her nonsense, and other people she talks to don't necessarily. Other people are too reactive with her, and that escalates things.

Anonymous said...

She was fortunate to have stolen from someone who didn't call the police or she might have been spending her birthday in the lock-up.