Monday, March 4, 2013


After a year of trying to deal with the pharmacy on Daughter's prescription bills, I just got off the phone with the pharmacy manager.  There is an outstanding bill of over $2,000.  My insurance was covering her prescriptions with a high co-pay, but Medicaid wasn't covering her insulins.  She only needs those to live.  I'm very frustrated that they weren't communicating with me about these issues.  Every time I called they would tell me it was a mistake and they would fix it.  Daughter has $44 a month in spending money.  The rest of her SSI goes to her home to cover a portion of her care there.  The manager admits there were communication issues, but insists they are fixed now.  Interesting, since I didn't hear about the issues with the insulins until today.  I'm not convinced the issues are fixed.....

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