Friday, May 25, 2012

Yard Time

I spent the day in the yard.  I finished mulching out in front.  I took some soil out of one garden bed and transferred it to one of the raised garden beds.  I planted corn, tomatoes and peppers in the raised garden beds.  I did some more weeding.  I edged the front yard and swept it all up.  Last night I talked to my next door neighbor for the first time this spring.  She wanted to know who built my garden beds.  I told her I did.  She said her brother was going to charge her hundred of dollars to build one for her.  I assured her it was very simple....

Daughter texted once, wanting out of her program.  I told her to turn it around like she did last night.  When she called me at supper time, she was in a very good mood.  She wants to spend the whole weekend with me.  I told her she'd have to week and there wasn't to be any drama.  She agreed, with the condition she wants to work inside, which is fine, because I prefer to work outside.  I'll pick her up tomorrow.  If she isn't cooperative, I'll take her back. I think (hope) she'll cooperate. 

It was a good day.  Tomorrow I'll mow the lawn, I considered doing it today, but decided to wait and give the grass a chance to recover from all the walking and working today. 

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