Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The First Day of Tests

The woman behind the desk smiled as she checked me in for the first part of my stress test today.  She remembered me from yesterday-- when I showed up a day early for the test.  I guess maybe I am a little bit stressed by all of this.  Maybe.  When I found out I had the day wrong, I came back to the church, and almost gave the treasurer a heart attack.  He knew I was having tests and didn't expect to see my car in the parking lot.  He was afraid he was going to come in and find me dead. 

They gave me the contrast fluid and told me to go get something to eat and drink and come back in 45 minutes.  I got a rice krispie treat and a bottle of water. I returned as ordered.  They had me lay on a very narrow table and keep my arms over my head for 16 minutes while they scanned my heart. 

They checked the pictures and came back and told me there was a problem and they wanted me to drink a can of sprite and wait another 15-20 minutes.  They couldn't see the bottom of my heart, and the thought was that my GI system was interfering, and that by drinking the sprite it would stop interfering.  It didn't make much sense to me, but I drank the sprite, waited, and then got back on the table for another 16 minutes of scanning.  They said the second set of scans were better.  I hope that means my heart does have a bottom. 

Tomorrow I go back for an echo cardiogram and the treadmill portion of the test, followed by more scans, I suspect.  I will hear the results on when I see my cardiologist again on June 6.  Maybe I'd better double check that date....

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