Sunday, May 27, 2012


Daughter has been super cooperative this weekend.  We've been working since we got home from church.  I've had an opportunity to teach her how to deal with frustration without quitting or exploding.  We've moved furniture in the family room to run the vacuum behind it.  Daughter decided to do some rearranging, which is fine. 

She picked the music for our working, and I have to say she does have eclectic tastes in music. She put in a CD of Johnny Cash singing old hymns, Celtic Woman worship music, Godspell, piano hymns (very mellow), and Cantus (a men's a cappella group).  We took a break to go get some things for tomorrow, and of course ran into a number of members who were also shopping.  I have chicken and flank steak marinating for fajitas.  I was just going to do chicken, but Daughter insisted of flank steak, too.  That's the way Dad used to do it.

Daughter surprised me by saying, "It must be hard on you to see all the Father's Day cards since Grandpa is dead."  I was surprised by the wave of grief that washed over me.  Fajitas was one of his specialties.  Daughter had insisted on several things that were his little touches to fajitas. 

We also had a conversation about goals again.  She wants to move to Chicago and study drama.  I told her she needed to be able to live independently first.  She gets frustrated and thinks I'm standing in her way.  I remind her that she had to walk before she could run, and she had to know the alphabet before she could learn to read.  She has a difficult time understanding that, and doesn't want to do the hard work necessary to work towards her goals.  Of course, her goals aren't realistic, yet I want her to understand I'm not standing in her way. 

I'm looking forward to hosting Sister and her daughter and Sister Best Friend and her husband tomorrow.  It should be a fun day. 


Miz Kizzle said...

I'd say your DD has no need to study drama. From what you relate she already has an advanced degree in it!
Happy Memorial Day.

Reverend Mom said...

Good point.