Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not My Problem

Daughter called this morning, upset with one of the staff members at her program.  I told her she was a big girl and could deal with it.  She wasn't very happy with me.  She will be with me tonight, and I suspect by the time she gets home she will have forgotten this morning's frustration.  I know part of the issue is that Program Manager is leaving for a new job, and I'm sure everyone at the program is on edge as a result.
This morning we have a large group of workers outside with a rented chipper chipping all the limb and brush we cleared on Saturday.  I saw several heading to the work site carrying chain saws.  I'm sure they will be comparing their toys and having lots of fun today.  They'll take a lunch break and go someplace where they can get milkshakes.  If I didn't have a meeting 60 miles away this afternoon, I'd be tempted to join them....

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