Saturday, May 12, 2012


My sisters are so predictable....

The other day Sister called, and she was obsessed about Short Niece's recent test scores.  She had done exceedingly well, but Sister was frustrated because the data she'd been given didn't have the norms.  Far Away Sister and I are concerned because it seems that Sister is overly focused on Short Niece's achievements.  I fear she's giving her the message she has to be perfect, and if she isn't, she's not good enough.  I pointed out to Sister that the information she was seeking wouldn't make any difference in who Daughter was, and suggested she needed to stop obsessing.  She insisted she wasn't obsessing and continued to talk about why the information was so important.  Short Niece is 7 years old and intelligent and academic achievement score are off the top of the scale.  Does it really make a difference how far off they are? 

I finally told her I'd give her something else to obsess over, and told her I was going to be having some medical tests done.  Part of the reason I told her was to help her put things in perspective.  Predictably, she began asking lots of questions.  She was assuming the worst, and I think thought I was going to drop dead any moment.  I assured her I was a considerate sister, and would wait until school was out for the summer to make it easier for her as a teacher.  She wasn't amused.  I'm not concerned, which is very frustrating for her.  I knew she would call Far Away Sister as soon as she could, but she'd have to wait until after school because Far Away Sister is tow time zones west of us.  I predicted that Far Away Sister would call me that evening. 

Far Away Sister was 24 hours late.  When she called, I pointed that out.  She laughed, and explained she'd had a class the previous evening and it was too late to call me when she got done.  I shared the same information I had with Sister, and then we went on to talk about other, more important things.  She wasn't concerned.  My sisters are so predictable. 

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