Monday, May 28, 2012

Drama Erupts

Daughter told me she was really struggling to meet my no drama requirement.  This afternoon, it finally got to be too much for her.  We were outside, and she had finished eating and was playing a game with Short Niece.  I didn't like her attitude, and called her on it (I honestly don't remember what she was saying or doing).  She stormed off, saying she needed to go home immediately.  We continued our conversation and ignored her.  As I told everyone, "It's her problem, not mine."

She'd reappear occasionally, so I'd know she was still around and mad.  At one point she stormed out to the garage.  Sister thought she was sitting in the car, and wondered if she'd have enough sense to come in when she got too hot.  I told her we'd check on her if she stayed too long.  She didn't.

Sister was getting ready to leave, so I asked her if she'd take Daughter home.  She agreed.  I told Daughter Sister would take her, and it was her choice as to whether she left then or waited until later.  She chose to leave with Sister.  She called as soon as she got home, and was happy.  Sister said as soon as she got in the car, she was fine. 

She had held it together as long as she was willing to, and needed to go home.  She really has made the transition.  Everyone commented on how much better she is doing.  It was a successful visit, and I didn't let her frustration impact me or my enjoyment of the day.  Progress all around. 

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