Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Yard

Yesterday evening I went home and mowed.  It had only been 5 days, but the grass was so long that the mower couldn't mulch it properly.  I ended up using a catcher for one area to prevent it from looking like a hay field.  It definitely is much healthier now than it was when I bought the house.  I'm thinking, though, that if I'm going to have to start mowing twice a week, it might be a little bit too healthy!   It was cooler, so I was able to mow the entire yard with out pausing to sit and drink water and rest as I've been doing. 

I took a break for supper, and then went out and did some weeding.  I pulled 2 buckets of week out of the front bed.  The weeding was much more work than the mowing.  Bending over to weed just wears me out.  I have a small hoe/weeder that I use to pull them, but I still have to bend over to pick up the weeds. 

With temperatures predicted to get up into the 90's this weekend, I set the sprinkler system to run a bit longer.  I'm still waiting for the vegetable seeds I planted to come up, but I have some strawberries growing and one of my blackberry bushes is blooming.  The clematis I planted late last summer is blooming and growing up my privacy fence.  The two I planted this spring are also growing well.  I've begun going out every morning before I come into the office.  I pull a few weeds and check the progress of my various plantings.  I'm really enjoying my yard. 

Since I'm entertaining on Monday, I'll have to set it aside long enough to do some cleaning inside.  Of course, with the heat that is predicted, cleaning in the air conditioned house may be a welcome break!

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