Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Remember...

Daughter called this morning while I was at breakfast with my peer group (we had our overnight retreat last night).  She was furious with House Manager and wanted to tell me why in great detail.  I assured her I had confidence in her ability to work things out, that I love her, and that I look forward to seeing her Thursday evening.  I suspect she was mad at me, too, after I hung up.

I received an email from House Manager. Staff had noticed that all of Daughter's clothes were on the floor of her closet.  She said they were all dirty.  House  Manager asked her to place them in her hamper.  She said she was sorting through them, and some of them were clean.  HM said staff would help her sort through them.  She said she'd do it on her own and how she'd have to skip program and basically went off on one of irrational rants.  She did go to program.  HM was explaining why Daughter's clothes can't be on the floor of the closet in her email.

In my response, I told her I had lived through the scene she described many times, and am grateful that they are the ones dealing with it now.  I don't miss those  battles at all.  I'm feeling very blessed today. 

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