Saturday, May 19, 2012

Feeling Old

Yesterday I had an appointment with a cardiologist regarding the irregularities that showed up on my EKG before I had a procedure done back in February.  I saw the anesthesiologist circling things on it, but he brushed off my questions.  My nurse practitioner didn't see it until she called the hospital asking for it last week after I asked about it at my appointment.  She wasn't very happy they hadn't sent it to her.

The EKG showed signs of a heart attack. He also heard signs of a leaky valve.  I'm going in for more tests next week, and feeling very old.  I'm not sharing this information with very many people.  My peer group knows, as I sent out an email requesting prayers.  Far Away Sister knows.  I've told Sister very little.  She gets very anxious, and I don't want her worrying (and driving me crazy).  I told her my hiatal hernia was causing my shortness of breath when I work in the garden.  (He did raise that as a possibility.)  I said I'm having additional tests just to be safe (also true). 

Yesterday I was pondering the toll of stress on my body over the years.  I didn't fully recognize how stressful it was raising Daughter until after she moved out.  I also know I have neglected my own health.  I fear my life just got more complicated. 

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