Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Blast from the Past

Today I received a call from #2 Daughter-in-law of my favorite nursing home couple in Tiny Village. Man had died last year, and the Woman had moved up here to be near #1 Son. She was in the hospital. I went to see her. She was so grateful to see me. The move here has not been a good one for her. I knew it wouldn't be, and the first time #1 Son had pushed it, #2 Son had asked me to speak to all of them about the pros and cons. I did, and they didn't move them. Woman indicated to me that she feels she is dying, and is ready. #1 Son is out of town, so I spent some time talking to #2 Son. I suggested they might want to begin looking into hospice. She has heart issues that are not going to be easily solved. She's almost 90, and she is ready for death. She asked me to come see her again. I will drop by the hospital again tomorrow afternoon.
#2 Son and his wife just might show up here for worship on Sunday. They lived far away, but I got to know them when they came to Tiny Village to visit family. Both of them grew up in that church. #2 Daughter-in-law's mother was diagnosed with cancer early in my ministry there. She chose not to undergo treatment, and lived for about a year. During that year her daughters took turns coming to spend time with her. I spent quite a bit of time with them then. Walking with families through life and death creates a deep bond. It was nice to see them again. I'm grateful they called, and that I was able to make the trip to the hospital. It was perfect timing, because I had to be back for the noon prayer service, which limited the time I had available and made it easy for me to leave. Woman is obviously weak, and couldn't talk much. She's still a wonderful woman with a deep faith. It was great to reconnect with her.

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