Sunday, March 25, 2012

Passive Aggressive

One of our volunteers created a photo montage for next week's You Are There service. She began with a title slide. I didn't like the title, and I wanted it to start right in with the pictures, so I asked her to remove it. She wasn't happy, but agreed. Today we used the finished product to promote next Sunday's service. Not only was there a title slide, there was a misspelled word. I told Administrative Assistant she needed to talk me down and convince me it didn't matter. Unfortunately, she was just as frustrated with it as I was. We both tend to be perfectionists.
We had a rehearsal following worship. I'd promised Daughter a birthday dinner at her favorite fancy Italian place. I told her that if she complained during the rehearsal, we'd go to the Italian fast food place. She was super cooperative. She interpreted my order not to complain as an order not to talk. One of the men kept trying to get her to talk, but she resisted. We had a pleasant meal at the restaurant. She loves the keyboard I bought her for her birthday. I took her home and helped her set it up in her room. She was happy when I left her, and I haven't heard from her since.
I mowed the lawn when I got home-- first time I've had to mow in March.


Miz Kizzle said...

Was the title on the slide offensive or innacurate somehow?
I've noticed from volunteering that people tend to have the attitude that since they were generous enough to donate their time/money/materials to a project that they deserve considerable leeway in how they do things. Praise, too. They generally want lots of praise.

Reverend Mom said...

It wasn't offensive, it was inaccurate, which was why I asked to have it removed. We thank and praise this woman frequently. She has a lot of freedom, and I overlook many things. This was something I couldn't overlook. We are approaching Holy Week, which means extra work for everyone. Even with all our work ahead, it still is going to be a challenging couple of weeks.