Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Treat

On Monday I'm in the office alone, at least in theory. Usually I have a number of people drop by, either to do something or just to chat. Most Monday afternoons Financial Secretary comes by with her 2 1/2 year old son. She goes to the bank to complete the deposit, and then comes here to put the final accounting into the computer. Her son, B, is a tease. The carpet in my office is different from the carpet in the hall, and B would come and stand on the edge, looking at my carpet as though it were dangerous. He did this for several weeks, and the first time he came in he walked very carefully, as though he were in snow or sand.
I understand he looks in the parking lot for my car, and is disappointed if it's not here when they arrive. I have a candy jar that has sugar free candy and a few suckers for my younger visitors. He looks forward to getting a sucker from me. Today he came running in, sucking on the sucker he'd gotten at the bank. He ran around my desk and planted himself in front of me. Then he opened his mouth for me to take out the sucker. I obliged. He ran around my to the other side of my desk to receive his new sucker, which I dutifully handed him. When he had trouble unwrapping it, he came back around my desk for me to help him remove the paper.
He is so cute. He comes in for his sucker, but I'm the one who gets a treat on Monday.

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