Monday, March 19, 2012


Every Sunday I get up and preach, wondering whether my message is making a difference. It can be discouraging at time, because it's hard to gauge how the message is being received. Today I received a gift. A woman came into my study and told me that yesterday's message had led to her hearing the voice of God calling her in a new direction in her life. It's going to be challenging for her and her family. God's call always stretches us. As she told me about it, wondering if it was real and telling me how she'd questioned it, I became convinced that it was real. It's exciting and scary and will stretch her. I'm looking forward to watching her follow the call.
The really exciting part is that she felt a call that will not only impact her and her family, it will touch the lives of many people who desperately need the ministry she will offer. It's nice to know that God does indeed use my efforts to make a difference.


Jane said...

That must have been so wonderful to hear, in light of everything you are going through right now.

Reverend Mom said...

It was wonderful. It's nice to have positive things happening at the church to shift my focus away from Daughter's drama.