Saturday, March 24, 2012

It Gets Worst

At bedtime Daughter gets her long-acting insulin and a snack. Last night they didn't give her either. Daughter says she told them several times she needed the insulin, and they ignored her. I just want to cry. I will write another email. I will contact the case manager. I want to see the state licensing report. If Daughter didn't understand her meds and speak up, I think they'd kill her. They still might.
She's home with me tonight. We had fun bowling with the church. She panicked after the bowling, thinking she'd left her monitor at the bowling alley. While she was in searching for it, I found it in her bowling bag. She has a very low tolerance for frustration today.
This morning they were planning to bring the women to a rec center near our home. Daughter was very excited, and I was going to pick her up there. For some reason they changed their plans. I don't think it is fair to tell the women they are going some place and then change the plans. I'm sure Daughter wasn't the only one who was upset by it.
I'm discouraged tonight.


Marge said...

It has absolutely gone too far. Now they don't give her the insulin she needs to live? You definitely need to see their license and report them to the state. I feel so bad for you, but more so I feel so bad for your Daughter and the rest of the women. This is inexcusable.


Anonymous said...

A home is by definition a place where people give-a-rip. I wonder how many other residents are routinely not getting what they need? Glad that daughter speaks up for herself and communicates with you -- so many others can't or won't. Lifting you up today -- R in SL