Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthday Slump

Daughter turns 25 on Monday. She's into her birthday slump. Se was mad because she didn't want taco salad for supper. She wanted me to take her out for ice cream instead. I had forgotten to get cat food when I stopped by the store to get things for the taco salad, so we stopped on the way to choir to get the cat food.
I was trying to get home quickly after choir to watch a basketball game when Daughter announced they are going on a special outing tomorrow and she can't take anything that needs to be heated up for lunch. Normally I pull a meal I've made out of the freezer for her. I didn't have things at home to make a sandwich. I don't eat many sandwiches. I decided to stop and get a foot long sub. There's a store in our grocery store. I left Daughter in the car while I ran in. I got the toppings I like rather than the ones she likes. When I came back out she was furious because she'd have to pick off green peppers and I didn't get mayo on it. I suggested she should be grateful for the sandwich. She demanded I take her home immediately. I turned on the game and ignored her. Eventually, she apologized.
I had pondered having her here all weekend. Not going to happen now. I'll have her here Saturday night so we can go bowling with the church, but Friday night will be for me. I bought her the keyboard she's been wanting for her birthday. We'll celebrate it on Sunday, since I have a board meeting on Monday.

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