Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It has been a beautiful day today. I began the day by walking just over 2 miles with one of the saints and her 2 dogs. It was still dark when we began our walk at 7:00. After supper I went outside and did some work in the yard. I picked up sticks, pulled up weeds, and planted some of the bulbs that were sprouting in the garage that I never got planted last fall. My purple crocus are blooming.
I have a memorial service on Thursday. The woman's death was expected and yet unexpected. It was expected because she was old and had been getting frailer. It was unexpected because she had been into the church office Friday morning to fold bulletins and had sent Saturday with her Daughter. She was found dead in her home Sunday evening.
I met with her children today. We knew she was a private person, but it turns out that she was very private even with her children. She wouldn't tell them about her health, and wouldn't allow them to help. We had an interesting conversation, but they weren't able to give much information. That's okay. I'll still be able to pull something together.
Daughter is calling less frequently now, which I think is a very good thing.

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