Friday, March 2, 2012

Meeting Set

I will meet with House Manager Monday morning at 8:00 to figure out how we are going to empower Daughter. I set it up when I took Daughter back today. I told House Manager that I thought Daughter was getting some push back from the afternoon staff. Daughter claims her supper is not being measured. They had canned food for supper tonight-- canned lasagna and corn. She said it was gross. It sounds gross. I think there are real issues with the nutritional quality of the food that is being served there.
Daughter was complaining of constipation, so Dietitian decided she needs to drink more water. Everyone I have told that laughs, because I have tried for 22 years to get Daughter to drink. I explained to them that Daughter doesn't drink and doesn't poop because she doesn't want any sensation in the genital area. The result is that she's always borderline dehydrated and she's usually constipated. The dietitian thinks that if staff gives her a glass of sugar free drink and a glass of water at every meal, she will drink and never again be constipated. I suggested they put her back on her miralax. It would be wonderful if the after effects of child sexual abuse could be eliminated by putting water and sugar free drinks in front of her at her meals. Wait, maybe it will work! Why didn't I think of that!
Therapist has said she'll support the plan, but she doesn't think it will work. She doesn't think the staff will do their part. I'm afraid she may be right. We have to try, though.

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