Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Starting Again

I'm going to look at a new home for Daughter. It's a smaller home, and I'm hoping it will be a better place for her. This week has been challenging for her.
Monday night one of the residents freaked out and attacked another resident, scratching her enough that they took her to urgent care. Daughter was obviously distressed by that.
Tuesday night they gave all the residents cookies with supper. They even gave the other diabetic in the house a sugar free cookie. They told Daughter she couldn't have one because it wasn't on her diet.
I had a board meeting Monday night, which was excellent. We've been working on newsletter, Holy Week bulletins, and tweaking stuff for this Sunday's big event. Last night Administrative Assistant had trouble sleeping because she was thinking of everything that needed to be done. I had nightmares about Good Friday. We're hosting the community Good Friday service this year, which means coordinating with five other pastors from very different traditions. I led the last Bible study for Lent tonight. I have finished all my information for all the bulletins through Easter. I proof read the newsletter this evening before the Bible study. AA has all the information, all she needs to do is plug it in to the Good Friday and Easter Sunday bulletins.
I suggested that next year we move Easter so it's not around newsletter time. AA looked it up. Holy Week will also be newsletter week next year. Of course, that might make it easier. We work ahead, so Holy Week will actually be easier for us than this week.


Anonymous said...

How many residents in the smaller home? Ages/interests comparable to your daughter? Lifting you and her both up as Easter approaches, that you would both be renewed !! R in SL

Anonymous said...

I hope the new place is a better fit. Maybe somebody there is familiar with the needs of diabetics.
Church stuff can be difficult. So many egos fighting for supremacy. I've witnessed some nasty conflicts at work but they were nothing like the turf battles that go on at our church.

Reverend Mom said...

There are five women at the new home. I'll know more once I see it, but it sounds like it has possibilities.

This congregation has a history of conflict, but I also have a history of dealing with conflict and excellent skills in conflict management. As a result, things have calmed down significantly.