Monday, January 27, 2014

You Never Know

Sometimes I'm surprised by what people take away from worship.  The weather has hit attendance hard this winter, and we didn't have any children in worship yesterday.  When the time came for the children's sermon, I told them I wanted to share with them something I'd been considering blogging about.  I talked about how hard the winter has been, and then reminded them we know spring will come.  There are no signs of it right now, but we know it will come.  I then draw some parallels to faith in God even in hard times, etc.  It was very short, and totally unplanned.

I had people mentioning it to me following worship.  Today there was a Facebook conversation about it.  It was a really good Sunday.  Really good.  I'm excited about the way God is moving at the church. 

I'm glad things are going well at the church, because it gives me something to focus on other than the ongoing frustrations with Daughter's house, and the pharmacy issues, and....

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