Monday, January 13, 2014

A Small Victory

Daughter was enrolled in a Medicaid program and assigned to the doctor.  They automatically assigned her since they wouldn't talk to me because of privacy issues.  They now have a copy of the guardianship papers, and will talk to me.  Anyway, her new card came, and she was assigned a new doctor.  I called today, and it only took about 20 minutes on hold to get to a real person.  She is now assigned to the proper doctor, and I am grateful.  Very grateful. 

Administrative Assistant came in today, and I think we have all the documents we need for the board retreat, which begins with a meeting this evening, and will conclude on Saturday.  January seems to be a time of planning-- we will be doing some planning this evening and Saturday, and yesterday I spent a good bit of the afternoon planning out themes for Lent this year.  I hope to get quite a bit of planning done the remainder of the week, since I won't be preaching Sunday.  It will be a day of quiet reflection on the Saturday meeting. 

Daughter was ready to go home yesterday, and says she had a good day today.  I'm hoping we are now through this round of boyfriend drama.  She so wants to be normal, and she sees a boyfriend and marriage as a path to normalcy. 

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