Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back to Work

Today was our first day back in the office.  Administrative Assistant, Treasurer, and I had some catching up to do.  We enjoy one another's company.  It looks like we ended the year well financially, which puts us all in a good mood.  The weather, however, does not.  The last few years, it seems like they have always over-estimated the amount of snow we will receive.  This year, they've been underestimating it.  We had 10" during the first snow storm of the season, and yesterday we received another 6".  I am getting tired of shoveling snow, and I seem to be doing it quite a bit this year.  I'm short, and it's getting harder to throw the snow over the piles along the side of the driveway. 

Daughter was cooperative today.  She is dreading going back to her program.  BF called and left her 8 voice messages (most likely all were tagged as urgent) and sent her 2  text messages, including a picture of the engagement ring he bought her.  It seemed to strengthen her resolve to resist his efforts to convince her to give him another chance.  Unfortunately, her program is closed tomorrow due to weather, so she will now get to worry about it until Monday. 

I will probably be going in to the church tomorrow.  I am not ready for Sunday, and I need to be ready for Sunday.  It's good to be back planning for the future and leading God's people forward. 

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