Sunday, January 19, 2014


I was really stressed about the big board retreat yesterday.  I was seeing some reactivity that I suspect was a result of all the change that has taken place in the congregation.  After freaking out a bit, I realized I needed to deal with it the way I always do, by being open and equipping the board.  We talked about the reactivity/stress and I showed a short video to help them understand and equip them to deal with it. 

When one individual displayed some of that reactivity later, they handled it beautifully.  I realized that a large part of the problem is that this man does not know/trust the rest of the leadership.  This evening I received an email.  One of the men (who has been very clear he doesn't like the reactive one) wants to talk to me tomorrow morning.  The reactive man has asked to join the property guys.  The man who emailed me (and leads the group) said he is not opposed.  I see this as very good news-- the reactive one wants to begin to build relationships.  He didn't withdraw when he didn't get what he wanted yesterday, he decided to reach out.  I think that is a wonderful blessing.

Daughter called a member and arranged to get to worship this morning, since I am home on a personal retreat day.  It's been a good day for me.  I've been able to relax and reflect.  I'm very optimistic about the coming year.  Exciting things are happening at the church. 

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