Sunday, January 26, 2014


Daughter called, furious with one of the staff members.  I asked her what had happened.  The staff member told her to put her boots away. 

"Then put them away."

"I already did!"

"Good.  Then there isn't any problem."

Daughter wants this staff member removed from the house.  I reminded her that she wasn't in charge of staff, and she needed to respect them.  She hung up on  me. 

I'm pondering if I need to address a diabetes issue with the house.  Daughter had a low blood sugar yesterday.  She felt it, and so she tested.  Her blood sugar was 60.  I gave her some orange juice.  She retested in a few minutes, and it was going up, so I gave her some cashews.  The house didn't give her enough strips to cover that low.  She had to use my meter today.  I have explained the importance of Daughter always having at least 2 more strips than she needs.  Home Owner ignores that and makes them carefully ration out the strips. 

I reminded Daughter that she has a voice and can speak for herself, and had her practice saying, "Just to let you know, I had a low blood sugar and I didn't have enough strips." 

I really thought it would get easier when Daughter moved out.  In some ways it has.  There are some things, though, that I find exceedingly frustrating.  Refusing to give her enough strips to cover lows is one of them. 


Anonymous said...

I'm curious - what are they trying to accomplish by rationing her strips so tightly that she doesn't have enough to do an extra test in case of a possible low? Are they concerned they will run out of the insurance company's allowed number of strips per month? Does she even have a history of testing more than she needs to? I'm just puzzled why they are so unreasonable about this.

Reverend Mom said...

The stated reason is a concern about running out of the insurance allotted strips. I think the real issue is a control battle. I suspect Daughter is the highest functioning resident in any of Home Owner's houses. She carries her meter and strips with her, and is in control of her own testing. I suspect the other diabetics are dependent on them for everything. I don't think they like Daughter's independence.