Thursday, January 23, 2014


I'm at the church while Daughter is at choir practice.  People are dragging.  It is bitterly cold (again) and we are expecting more snow with white outs tomorrow.  I said I wanted to go hibernate.  Several people thought that was an excellent idea.  One man asked if I could do something about the weather, and said he was calling uncle-- he'd had enough. 

I keep reminding myself that spring will come.  Even now the days are getting  longer.  It was still light when we went out for supper at 5:00.  The other night I dreamed it was spring, and the trees actually had leaves.  Then I woke up and looked out the window.  I want to hibernate.  I'm tired of being cold.  I've been wearing long underwear and have turned up the heat.  I'm still cold. 

Spring will come.  Winter will be over.  Spring will come....

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