Saturday, January 4, 2014


I took Daughter back to her house Thursday after supper.  Her program was cancelled Friday.  I was anticipating a day of phone calls telling me how much she missed me, how bored she was, how much she wanted to come help me, and anything else she could think of that would convince me to come get her.  She called several times, but she was cheery with each call, and didn't ask me to come pick her up at all. 

I was in the office all day yesterday, finalizing sermon, bulletin, announcements, newsletter, and dealing with various other administrative details.  Treasurer and Administrative Assistant got the 2013 finances closed, and it was a very good year.  We will be giving some extra money to mission and putting some money aside for all the various repairs that are needed on an aging building. 

Administrative Assistant told me she could see growth in Daughter.  She is much more cooperative and less manipulative in the office.  She is still slow, but she works steadily to complete assigned tasks and does a good job without complaining.  When we don't have work for her, she quietly entertains herself.  I had purchased her a book of graphic floral designs to be colored, so she was doing a nice job with a very intricate one on Thursday. 

I told her I would pick her up Sunday morning for worship, and she hasn't questioned that or tried to convince me to pick her up earlier.  She was playing the piano at the church one day, and I observed that it sounds like she has been practicing.  She's actually using the keyboard I gave her well over a year ago.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Often she wants these expensive gadgets and quickly becomes bored with them. 

I am pleased to see her growing and maturing.  We are under a winter storm warning, with snow and dangerously low temperatures forecast.  I suspect it's going to end up interfering with some of the planned meetings and events at the church.  Last winter was unusually mild, and it spoiled us.  I'm becoming an expert at clearing my driveway.  It's not an area in which I sought expertise.  I'm just grateful that the sidewalks in my neighborhood are on the other side of the street....

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