Sunday, January 5, 2014

I Spoke Too Soon

After I bragged about Daughter's progress, she started calling me.  She doesn't do very well with changes in routine.  Yesterday she got her hair relaxed.  Apparently Home Owner took her to a beauty school to get it done, and it took longer than anticipated.  Lunch was late, and staff was unhappy because she wouldn't be able to eat supper with the rest of the women.  She called, quite upset.  I calmed her down and gave her suggestions as to how to talk to staff about it.  She did, and it worked.  The HO was upset because they hadn't given her product and instructions for maintaining her straight hair.  Daughter heard her say it was a crime, and Daughter called me, distraught.  She was afraid the woman who had done her hair was going to be arrested.  She was furious, explaining to me that the woman had never relaxed hair before and was just learning.  I again calmed her down, explaining that HO didn't mean it, it was just something people said when they were frustrated with something.

I had warned her that if the roads were bad I might not be able to pick her up this morning for worship.  I was up early and cleared about 5-6 inches off my driveway, again pondering the wisdom of buying a snow blower.  I've cleared enough snow that I'm having trouble throwing it over the piles.  My wrist is complaining.  I figure it's good exercise.  When I started out toward the church, I quickly discovered the roads were terrible.  Even the east-west route for the region was a mess.  I called Daughter and told her the roads were bad, and I wasn't going to get her.  She was upset, not wanting to miss worship (I love that).  I finally suggested she call a member who lived closer to her than I do and owns a 4 wheel drive truck.  I have a crossover that has front wheel drive.  It handles pretty well in the snow, but I still didn't think it was a good idea to head 5 miles in the wrong direction to pick her up. 

She called, and the members were willing to pick her up.  After worship and the fellowship meal, I said I'd take her home.  The members said they'd take her home-- the roads in her subdivision were really bad, and there was no point me attempting it.  Daughter began to cry.  She wanted me to take her home.  She's concerned that her program will be closed again tomorrow.  It's just been to much change and too little routine.  I gave her lots of hugs and sent her home.  I'm glad I didn't try to take her home.  The roads were even worst coming home. 

She called me a little while ago, and she was cheerful again.  She is still a little worried about tomorrow, but was coping with it. 

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