Thursday, January 30, 2014


Choir was cancelled tonight because it's snowing again.  I took Daughter out to eat after her day of work in the church office, and as I headed towards her house to return her home, the roads were in pretty good shape.  By the time I dropped her off and headed home, the roads were snow covered and slippery.  I was frustrated when choir cancelled, now I'm grateful. 

Daughter was very helpful today.  She did the weekly filing and then started cutting out the boxtops for education that we had collected.  She worked for hours on that, and was surprised to discover her hand hurt when she stopped.  She didn't get them done, but she made good progress. 

The computer in the sanctuary is dying, if not dead.  I went in this afternoon to load my PowerPoint slides, and couldn't get it to start.  Administrative Assistant got it to start, but it froze on a black screen with a white cursor in the center.  It didn't respond to mouse, keyboard, or the power switch.  We've known it was beginning to have some problems, but hadn't figured out what to do about replacing it.  We'll use a laptop Sunday, and then figure out what to do from there. We've had several hits since fall-- we've had to replace a furnace and a water heater, and now it looks like we will be replacing a computer.  There are several computers at the church that need to be retired. 

They are predicting another 6+ inches of snow Saturday on top of the 2 inches we're getting now.  I am so tired of winter.  We were discussing colors for the newsletter cover today.  We finally chose gray.  It reflects the general mood after all this winter weather. 

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