Saturday, January 18, 2014

Better Day

Today was our big board retreat.  I made some last minute adjustments to the agenda, and it went very well.  We have one individual who was challenging, but the board handled him very well.  We made plans for the year and I'm excited and energized (and a little tired-- it was a long day). 

Daughter has arranged for a ride to church tomorrow, since I'm not going.  I will be on a personal retreat.  Despite Home Owner's insistence that there was nothing in the freezer that could have raised Daughter's blood sugar, that was the source of the food.  She ate all the waffles and French Toast that were in the freezer.  I don't think that this house will work long term for Daughter.  I think the owner is overwhelmed with running three houses, is unwilling to delegate, and in the long run will find Daughter too challenging.  Case Manager ordered all food locked up, but it's becoming obvious that Home Owner cannot or will not do that. 

I was very angry with Daughter when I found out that after all the drama about getting into food on Thursday, she was back in the freezer Thursday evening.  I wish I knew how to teach her to stop sneaking food.  Maybe Home Owner can do it in her spare time. 

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