Friday, January 31, 2014


I played Scrabble today.  I was invited to join two single women in the congregation for some Scrabble.  It was fun.  I enjoyed the games and the conversation.  Like me, they allow the use of the Scrabble dictionary.  I was delighted to see they've added some words to the dictionary-- like quo.  They also play by the German rules, which give the players 8 letters instead of 7.  I liked that, too.

Daughter seems to be doing very well right now.  She is not calling as often, and does not seem to be generating drama.  At least, she's not bringing it to me.  She called today and told me Home Owner and Case Manager were meeting, and Home Owner wanted to know when her last doctor's appointment was because she doesn't have the information or lab results.  I pointed out to Daughter that HO was at the appointment and that she took the paper work and lab results with her when we left.  I haven't heard what the outcome of that was.  It reinforces my impression that HO is overwhelmed with the details of managing three homes and the medical needs of multiple residents.  (There are 6 women just in Daughter's house.)

Now I need to do some cleaning.  I've been relaxing so far on my day off, but I guess it's time to be productive now....

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