Friday, June 7, 2013

Saw the Surgeon

I had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon this morning.  He was very impressed with my range of motion.  He said that on average you can expect a loss of 15% of range of motion with the type of injury and surgery I had.  Less than 4 weeks later, I have a loss of about 20%.  He said I don't need to go for physical therapy.  I think that the typing I do on a daily basis has helped regain the motion.  After the surgery, I couldn't make a fist or touch the tips of my fingers to my thumb.  I have complete use of the hand and fingers now. 

I asked about restrictions-- he said I shouldn't engage in contact sports or lift heavy things yet.  I celebrated by doing yard work today.  I still don't have the stamina I'd like, but with Daughter's help I was able to get quite a bit done.  I'm pleased.  A church member mowed my lawn today, but I'm going to try doing it next week.  If I'm not up to it, there are several people who are willing to do it for me.  I asked specifically about mowing the lawn, and he didn't see a problem with it. 

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