Sunday, June 9, 2013

PT Consult

I have a couple in the congregation who are retired Physical Therapists.  She sent me a get well card reminding me of their expertise.   Tonight I sat in worship with my wrist hurting.  It's been puzzling to me, because the pain is not where the break or plates are.  I asked for a consult after worship.  She suspects I have a bad wrist sprain, and prescribed ice.  She also suggested wrapping it in an ace bandage as a reminder not to use it too much.  She's going to bring one to the church tomorrow for me.  I'm grateful for the expertise within the congregation. 

I had promised Daughter I'd take her shopping this afternoon.  A couple invited us to join them for lunch following worship, and she offered to take Daughter shopping.  I was very grateful.  Even though I didn't have to preach this morning, I'm dragging this evening.  I'm still not back up to full strength, as much as I would like to be.  It will come....

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