Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Knew It...

So it wasn't really a huge crisis that set me back, or at least, not the expected type.  We have a drainage pond that has drain issues.  The property guys have been dragging their feet on addressing the issue.  Last week one of our members had quite a bit of damage to his home after the pond behind his home overflowed into his lower level after a heavy rain.  I sent an email to the property guys nudging them to address the issue. 

So today they had someone come out to clear the drain.  Except that instead of clearing the drain, they got their hose stuck in it.  Now they are saying it is our fault and we have to pay to dig up the drain and removed their hose.  There were three of our guys here, and they had at least 4 different opinions on how it should be handled.  By noon, I had had 6 different people in the office to talk about various issues, from drains to time lines to sermons.  I did not accomplish all I had hoped to accomplish this morning, though I did have some good conversations.  The drain issue is not resolved, and I'll have different guys here tomorrow to address it.  Hopefully they will get it fixed before the next heavy rain. 

After a wonderful lunch with a colleague, I'm back in the office hoping to accomplish a few things. Then I'm headed home to get some cleaning done and experiment with making my own sausage. 

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